Farming 101 Trailer

Peter Randall lives on Goodwin Road and was inspired to make this film as he traveled Route 101, observing farmers working their fields. With a life-long interest in history and conservation, Randall wanted to make a documentary about farming, a way of life that once, but no longer, supported dozens of families in this area. Assisting Randall in this project was his grandson Kael Randall, who edited the film.

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  1. Flynn Donovan says:

    ..hope your sellected..
    best of luck

  2. Della O'Shea says:

    Hooray! So wonderful to see these places documented this way. I never understood why first grade teachers at Mitchell school took children to the UNH dairy barns and massive chicken facilities when studying “farms”….when these wonderful local farms exist in our community!

  3. Francoise says:

    Could not make it on Friday. How can I get a copy of the documentary?